I. General terms

All Easy Dive Vietnam terms of use for booking, payment and quick payment of other services (“Easy Dive Vietnam Terms of Use and / or” Terms of Use “) are posted on the Easy Dive Vietnam and is supported by Easy Dive Vietnam

II. General conditions

All service prices are in VND (Vietnam – VND). Service prices are clearly listed in the “Include” section of the tour, etc. Easy Dive Vietnam is not required to pay any costs that are not included in the “Include” section.

III. Payment method

When registering, please provide all information and pay a deposit for your booking. The deposit amount varies depending on the program you choose, the remaining amount will be paid immediately before the departure date.

There are 3 forms of payment:

  • Payment by cash at the company.
  • Payment by 3th partner (PAYPAL, MOMO,…)
  • Bank transfer.

Payment is considered complete when Easy Dive Vietnam receives a full ticket before the departure date or an agreement between the two parties. Any late payment resulting in service cancellation is not the responsibility of Easy Dive Vietnam.
In the form of bank transfer payment: When making a transfer, please specify the name, address, phone and specific content of the tour you have chosen to register.
After making a transfer, please Fax to the company and contact the person in charge to receive official feedback from Easy Dive Vietnam.
Easy Dive Vietnam will not solve cases where the system will automatically cancel the registration if you do not comply with the above rules.

IV. Cancel the service registration and cancellation fee

1. In case of cancellation by Easy Dive Vietnam

If Easy Dive Vietnam does not perform the tour, Easy Dive Vietnam will immediately notify the customer and pay the customer all the money that the customer has closed within 7 days from the date of cancellation in cash or bank transfer. .

2. In case of cancellation of service by the customer

  • Cancel before 30 – 45 days: 10% of total tour price.
  • Cancellation before 20-30 days: 20% of total tour price
  • Cancellation 25 days in advance: 25% of the total tour price,
  • Cancellation received within 15 days: 30% of the total price
  • Cancellation before 07 days: 40% of total tour price
  • Cancellation before 03-6 days: 75% of total tour price.
  • After the above time: 100% of tour price.

Cancellation of the trip must be notified directly to the Company or by fax, email and must be confirmed by the company.

Note :

In case of cancellation of tour due to objective incidents such as natural disasters, terrorism, epidemics, etc. Easy Dive Vietnam will not be responsible for any other costs besides tour refund.
Tour cancellation time is calculated according to working days (except Saturday, Sunday and public holidays).
Conditions for cancellation of the ticket as above are not applicable on public holidays and New Year days.

3. Force unexpected case

If the travel program is canceled or changed by either party for force unexpected reasons (war, natural disaster, terrorism, etc.), the two parties will not be liable for any damages. Which has happened and does not assume any liability. However, each party is responsible for trying its best to help the damaged party minimize the damage caused by force unexpected case.