I. General

Recommendations below, to help you fully experience Easy Dive Vietnam, you should carefully read and confirm your suitability before booking.

Basically, scuba diving is a favorite sport but also requires the health status of customers to meet the basic criteria in Section II. Health requirements.

If you are not ready, please switch to another more suitable service at the tour program section.

II. Health requirements.

Easy Dive Vietnam offers the most enjoyable and easiest experience for customers, however, to ensure your safety, please confirm your status or visit the nearest medical center in Nha Trang. Page for health check before joining.

Some basic requirements are as follows:

Do not have or have a history of blood pressure, psychological disorders as well as respiratory system. Especially cardiovascular problems.

The service technical department will send you a confirmation of your health status as soon as you confirm that you will use the service by payment confirmation slip.

Children under 16 should not go scuba diving, choose SEA WALKING – the same service but easier for people who have never dived.

III. Schedule

As a daily service, you can be more comfortable in choosing the time to use.

However, you should consider the time period because the evening may not be suitable for beginners.

In addition to scuba diving we also have an Ocean Hunter tour program – it sounds cool and attractive. If you have about 5 people or more, we will organize for you and bring the most exciting experience in the high seas.

Sincerely thank you.