I. Information posted

Easy Dive Vietnam is a website promoting diving services and tourism information in Nha Trang which is compiled from many other sources.

All information posted at has been verified and is responsible by Easy Dive Vietnam.

For other information, please specify the source Easy Dive Vietnam.

II. Customer information

All service booking information including important personal information of customers (account numbers, email, phone, gender, …) are kept confidential and only provided in an emergency or There are authorities required to provide.

III. Billing Information

Service confirmation form is sent directly to the customer if it is paid in the office or emailed if the customer places on this website .

Confirmation, including cash receipts with a company certification or electronic signature receipt, will be sent to the customer when Easy Dive Vietnam has received the full service fee.

In case of delay due to third party activities (banking, intermediary fee collection service, e-wallet, etc.) or due to a force unexpected case, please cooperate with Easy Dive Vietnam to resolve.

Please keep the confirmation slip of service and payment slip until the end of the service.

IV. Contact information for the administrator

You and your readers have a need or request for adjustment or copyright of information posted on the website please contact via email

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